Board Room & Audio Visual System Integration Solutions

  •   Board Room Solutions: The Boardroom is the key environment in an industry and getting good boardroom audio visual solutions are key when you want seamless communication between branches or with customers across the Globe.

      Audio Visual Solutions

    •   Board Room Audio Visual Integration
    •   Meeting/Conference Rooms
    •   Digital Signage and Room Scheduling

      Multipurpose Auditoriums

    •   E-classrooms and Virtual Training Centers
    •   Sound Re-inforcement System
    •   Multimedia & Presentation

      Hospitality AV Solutions

    •   Banquet Hall
    •   Digital Signage

      Video Walls

    •   Multimedia Video Walls
    •   Interactive Displays
    •   Customer Experience Centers

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    •   Audio Visual: Multimedia Projectors, Screens and Audio.
    •   Boardroom Automation and Control System Solutions.
    •   Motorised projection screens and projector lifts.
    • Audio and video conferencing systems, Wireless Presentation & Streaming.
  •   Video Walls: Here is the Video wall Solution where you can have multi feeds running display used for large Conference Rooms, Events, Public Area, Experience & Innovation Centers. Which can be dismantled & fixed multiple times.
  •   Digital Signage: To display content such as video, digital images, streaming media and information that are usually found in public spaces and corporate buildings. Real time communication is improved with digital signage and it reduces the overall cost of print campaigns and distribution, leading to revenue generation and profitability. Digital displays are the modern replacement to customary print media with enhanced creative visual content. Digital Signage are eye catching and deliver specific messages to the people in specific area.
  •   LED Video Monitors:
  •   Outdoor LED Display Solutions :