PCB Design and Embedded Product Development

  • Java Systems offer a range of services with a very strong focus on PCB Design and Embedded Systems Development. Our services offerings are designed to function with minimal customer involvement and the process ensures high quality and on time delivery. We have in house design team for Design with experienced engineers.
    Services offered: PCB design up to 32 Layers
    Manufacturing: Single side Double Side( up to 10mil) and Multilayer

  • PCB Design

    Embedded Product Development

Java Systems specializes in technologies like C, C++, Assembly, Java, VB on embedded Linux like intel 8051 microcontrollers, PIC AVR, ARM.

  •   We work with Intel 8051 microcontrollers and X86 series Processors & Atmel 89 series of Microcontrollers.
  •   ARM Controllers: Microchip PIC Microcontrollers.

Application Area

We have provided our services to industrial segments, Medical segments and consumer segments.

Our product development capabilities comprise hardware design, firmware, middleware, embedded applications, user interface etc.